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Auto Repair

Maintaining the highest level of technology that helps us provide the highest levels of quality possible for our customers.


Where all the repairs happen.

Services We Offer:

Aside from specializing with Transmission Services, we also provide wide variety of Auto Repairs.

  • Timing belts
  • Head gaskets/Valve jobs
  • Tune ups
  • Brake jobs
  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Transfer cases
  • Transmission repairs/Rebuilds
  • Engine Diagnosis/Repairs
  • Radiators/Water Pumps
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Computer Repairs
  • Brakes
  • Maintenance
  • Multi-point inspections

Our shop floor is approximately 3500 square feet of work area. We have five Rotary lifts, 9000 lbs capacity for four of them and one Mojawk lift that has a rating of 15,000 lbs capacity.

In the back of the shop is the building area, which contains two tear down benches and four building benches. All of the special tools are in the building area which includes a shop press and other specialty transmission, differential and miscelaneous tools, including a brake lathe and a full size engine lathe.

We also have a parts washing machine and A system one solvent machine for cleaning of parts after tear down and inspection. We utilize an AMI hydraulic pressure tester and a solenoid testing machine made by Zoom Technology. Other tools we own and use are snap on scanners and vantage multi meters. Which help in the diagnosis and repair of electrical problems.

To list yet another special tool we have is the hot flush machine which cleans the transmission coolers prior to installing a freshly rebuilt or repaired transmission. Transmission coolers need to be cleaned out so that the rebuilt or repaired transmission doesnt get contaminated with metal from the original break down. We test the cooler flow of transmissions with our Sonnaflow cooler flow tester.

It is necessary to have and maintain the highest level of technology and knowlege for the repairs we perform which requires a substancial financial investment. All of these tools and testing equipment help us provide the highest level of quality possible for any repair we perform for our customers.

Auto Repair Services

Electrical repair

  • Computer diagnosis / diagnostics
  • Computer
  • Sensor

Engine cooling system repair

  • Timing Belts & Water pumps
  • Radiator
  • Head gaskets

Engine repair

  • Oil leaks
  • Head caskets
  • valve jobs
Akira and Scott Morimoto Transmission gears
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